Eco-tourism has become a popular term in today’s ‘green-minded’ world, but it is left very open to interpretation. For some it just means bringing tourists to a natural environment. To us eco-tourism means being responsible tourism operator by upholding moral values that care for and protect the environment. Minimising our impact on the environment and community, and seeking sustainable solutions to our operations is at the forefront of our efforts.

Whilst sustainable practices are not always easy to adopt on an island with limited resources, at Phrathong Nature Resort we will endeavor to use only locally grown fruit and vegetables, without the use of pesticides. Over the coming months, with the help of volunteers we will also work on planting our own vegetable and herb garden, increase the number of yielding fruit trees and compost our food waste.

Phra Thong Nature Resort is committed to the preservation, proliferation and protection of the flora and fauna in and around Koh Phrathong Island. We aim to tread lightly, source sustainably, behave responsibly and support local business wherever possible.

Our aim is to support locally made handicrafts and take a minimal commission to sell and distribute the handicrafts.  We will support local village projects in the area and learning centers and schools in Kuraburi, through initiating a scholarship program to help children secure employment in the future, through  training and hospitality scholarship in partnership with local colleges. We will support a local orphanage program by sourcing free range eggs and locally made honey and coconut oil solely from this project.  We will only use bio-degradable washing powder and liquid for laundry and washing dishes.

Our mission is to be ambassadors of the natural environment in which we operate, therefore we encourage responsible and sustainable tourism practices. We are committed to preserving the island’s rich natural habitat and limiting the often negative impact of tourism on the island and its surroundings.

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