If you are planning a holiday with us, take this opportunity to explore the delicacies of Thai cuisine.

Thai cooking classes: 1
Dessert making with local villagers
You will be taken to the village of Ban Lion and introduced to the local villager who runs the Thai dessert making class. Here you will be making Thai Dessert, ‘Kanom Jak.’ Kanom is the Thai word for a variety of sweet deserts. These delicious desserts can be made quite easily back home, so be sure to bring a pencil and paper to write down the ingredients. You will have the services of a bi-lingual translator, so you can ask questions about the process and the ingredients used and also learn about life for the villages on this island and in this village after the tsunami.


Thai cooking class: 2
Thai savoury dishes and lunch
Here you have the chance to learn how to prepare and cook a local Thai curry and soup. Thai cooking offers a mix of sweet and spicy flavours or spicy and sour, to tempt the palate. Once you are shown how to mix and cook the food, you will have e confidence to prepare and enjoy back home. Once the dishes are prepared you can enjoy your lunch at the local homestay house and have a chance to explore the village and meet some of the locals. Please note the cooking in the village is uniquely Thai, please don’t expect western Thai food. The food you will cook is what local Thai’s eat on a daily basis and enjoy with friends and family, however we will modify the spice for you, or you like it spicy, go ahead and take the challenge 2 chillies or 10 is up to you!

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