Boat excursion 1
Tape Yoi to Koh Ra island
Departing from the pier of Tape Yoi village you will take a longboat out into the open waters to the pier of Koh Ra island. Ko Ra was once home to the eco lodge, now under the protection of the National Parks of Thailand. Here at the pier, you can swim with the many schools of mino fish which come to feed from the plankton at the pier. You will enjoy your packed lunch at this pier and after lunch have a chance to walk into the island and see the contrast of where jungle meets beach and where the eco lodge once stood.

Time: 4 hours, departing 10am morning or 2pm afternoon

Boat excursion 2
Tape Yoi through the mangroves
This is an exciting excursion in a small ‘rua peed’ Thai speed boat. This compact boat weaves in and out the mangroves in an exciting tour from the pier of Tape Yoi through the local mangrove complex system, where, depending on the time of the tour, you may see monkeys foraging for food in the mangroves or on the mud flaps, usually hunting for crabs. You may possibly see water snakes and you will certainly see prehistoric looking mud skippers, flipping in and out of the water.
The mangroves are home to an amazing eco system and act as an important flood barrier which helped protect many costal areas during the 2004 tsunami. Depending on the time of your boat excursion, you may see many species of birds which nest and hunt for fish and shell in this complex eco system.

Time: 3 hours


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