Nature walks

Phra Thong Island is home to many animals, birds, turtles and plant species that cannot be found in other parts of Thailand.  The nature walks are un-guided; however, we will supply you with an information sheet about what you can expect to see and how best to care for and make as little impact on the landscape as possible.  Depending on the time of year and time of day you take your walk, guest can expect to see hornbills, kingfisher and woodpeckers, flying in and among the tress and savannah area of the island.

IMG_2942For those more interested in the bio-indicators of the island, we can arrange a visit to areas of protected sea grass, where frequent monitoring takes place.  Monitoring of sea grass is an essential in order to assess the activity of the Dugong, now endangered, who feeds from the sea grass areas of Phra Thong Island.

We can also arrange a meeting and perhaps some volunteering with the turtle conservation project on the island (high season only).  Here you can help to collect and monitor data; rising early in the morning to scan the beaches for tracks and turtle activity.

Night safari

Take an exhilarating ride with your local guide and resort staff through the savannah of Koh Phra Thong.  Local villages have lived and breathed this island and know the activity and habitat of the many nocturnal animals in this area.

The Samba deer and Leopard cat are most active at night and graze and hunt on this spectacular savannah.  Many bat species can also be spotted, as well as owls and you will be taken to areas of where the bats nest and where the owls hunt.  Prepare to be amazement by the diversity of the landscapes and animal species on this island!

The locals know and love this savannah area and will make your experience fun and interesting.

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